Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Used Baby Stuff

1.Product: Close and Secure Sleeper

Purchase Price : >RM180

Brand: First Few Years

Color: Blue

Condition: Very good. Used for couple of month only. Perfect for newborn. Washable matress. Portable.....fold it up and ready to go. Box included.

2.Product: MotherCare Baby shoes
Purchase Price : RM53
Now: RM25

Brand: Mothercare

Size: Up to 12 months

Color: Soft Pink

Condition: Worn. Discoloration and yellowish mark, both at the inner sole (can't be seen). Outside still very good. Original packaging included.

3.Product: Weebok Toddler Shoe
Purchase Price : RM80
Now: RM40

Brand: Weebok (Kids Reebok)
Size: 5- 1/2 UK
Color: Brown
Condition: Still good. Some 'comot' but not too obvious.

4.Product: Flexible Child Car Seat
Purchase Price : RM59

Brand: My Dear
Color: Grey and dark blue

Condition: Very good. Suitable for kids that can sit up right. Not for newborn. Adjustable strap.

5.Product: Baby carrier
Purchase Price : can't remember

Brand: can't remember. Bought at Jusco.
Color: Marroon

Condition: Good. Come with 2 head rest for different usage. Adjustable strap.

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